Wednesday, February 16, 2011

50 Fathoms: New Kieran City

On top of everything else, I'm still working on the color update of 50 Fathoms. One aspect of my old work that I really don't like was the cityscapes. Buildings were (and are) not my strong suit. Rather than work on everything else and save the cities to the last minute, this week I decided to tackle them head-on.

Tonight I started work on the capitol city of the Kieran empire. Here is the original peice from 50 Fathoms, Some "works in progress", And a close up detail - I'll be updating this post as I make more progress.

------ UPDATE 2-17 ----------

------ UPDATE 2-18 ----------

------ UPDATE 3-3 FINAL ----------

I realized I had too many tiers on Keira (and that it's important to go back to the original text and not depend on spotty memory about something you worked on 8 years ago)

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